Plastic-free with the full label construction certified 'OK compost HOME'.




  • Environmentally friendly

    The label construction is bio-based and plastic free.

  • Composts within 365 days

    Disintegrates into usable compost

  • 'OK compost HOME' certified

    Independently certified 'OK compost HOME' by TÜV AUSTRIA (Cert. No. TA8022105858)

An 'OK compost HOME' certified compostable fruit label.

Suitable for hand or high-speed automated fruit labeling, the label construction is bio-based and plastic-free. Having passed rigorous home composting testing requirements, Sinclair EcoLabel HOME™ has ‘OK compost HOME’ certification assuring environmental performance and suitability for home composting.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What tests did Sinclair EcoLabel HOME pass in order to achieve ‘OK compost HOME’ certification?

    To meet the TÜV AUSTRIA ‘OK compost HOME’ certification requirements a product must pass four tests. The tests are: - Heavy Metals and Fluorine (2-3 weeks) - Disintegration (must be within 6 months max) - Biodegradation (must be within 1 year max) - Plant toxicity, cress and barley (2 weeks)

  • Who is TÜV AUSTRIA and what is ‘OK compost HOME’?

    TÜV AUSTRIA is an independent and internationally recognised certification body for ‘OK compost HOME’. TÜV AUSTRIA created the ‘OK compost HOME’ certification standard to allow companies and organizations to guarantee complete biodegradability against specific requirements, even if in your garden compost heap.

  • Is there a difference between compost testing and 'OK compost HOME' certification?

    Yes. Testing is completed in a laboratory separately to certification. The test results from the laboratory are then independently checked and verified by an accredited certification body such as TÜV AUSTRIA. Once results are verified as having met certification requirements a 'OK compost HOME' certificate is then issued. TÜV AUSTRIA certificates can be checked at https://www.tuv-at.be/green-marks/certified-products/.

  • What is the difference between compostable and biodegradable?

    Compostable products by definition are biodegradable. However, compostable products must also break down, or become part of usable, soil-enhancing compost in a safe and timely manner in an appropriate composting facility or home compost pile. Biodegradable products must return to nature, disintegrating or disappearing completely. A biodegradable product may..........

  • Is the Sinclair EcoLabel HOME™ fruit label suitable for all Sinclair labeling systems?

    Sinclair EcoLabel HOME is not be compatible with Sinclair Print-on-Demand®. Sinclair labels are designed to work with all Sinclair labeling systems and Sinclair EcoLabel HOME has been too. As Sinclair Ecolabel HOME is a new product to market and has different characteristics to our standard labels customers are being asking customers to ‘try before you buy’........

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